CNC machine made stone wash surface titanium bolt action writing pen

Item No.: JXT-P1012
Material:Titanium alloy(Gr5)                                                                                                                                                                        Size:136*13.7 mm
Style: Bolt Action System
【Small but sturdy and comfortable】
This small metal ball point pen made of sturdy Gr5 titanium, non-rusted material for durable use.

【Replaceable refill】
Built-in universal size refill, it can be replaced at any time, easy to buy replacement refill, which means it is easy to use and carry this pen in daily life.

【Bolt Action Design】
The bolt button is easy to be controlled with one hand only to move the refill. The anti-skid coil design from the grip part can also prevent your fingers from sliding when writing.

【Customer Guarantee-100% Satisfaction】
If you are not satisfied with our product, please leave messages to us. We will check if there is any confusion or misunderstanding there, and then arrange the replacement if it is caused by the quality