About Us

Baoji Jiaxin Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd.
Is a fast-growing globalization company focusing on the development and production of titanium
edc and camping gears .
With professional service ability, we have provided the service of product development, design and production for numerous brand, distributors, wholesaler, offline physical stores, supermarkets, amazon sales, and crowd-funding, etc.

We are proud of our team .

Our CEO is 40years old , he is always energetic and optimistic for what he did and what he owns . he care all staffs even in the tough year .he is responsible , if there are any product issue or other problems . he never passed the buck to clients . he will say let’s solve it with any cost . so even some problems happened , our clients are still here to cooperate
Our designers team’s average age is about 25 years old ,they are vigorous ,full of different ideas , they are willing to listen to the suggestions from clients and respond quickly to make the product design perfectly be presented to engineer team and production team .
Our engineers team are cautious , they care each details of product to try to make the product idea be realized with same or better condition .
Our QC team always keep strict standard for quality checking . they know clients care quality and details . they are trying best to assure the goods delivered to clients are with consistent and satisfying quality
Our purchaser team will help to source some parts or package ,etc .they could be trusted totally , because she always could find the best things with affordable price . She has a good taste and exacting standards       
Our sales team could respond each questions timely and professionally . they will help clients to pay attention to each machining process . both pre-sale and after-sale service are what they value a lot . thats why we could keep stable cooperation with so many clients from all over the world .                                              
We always focus on offering clients the efficient solutions to make products idea reliable with most economic cost and premium materials. We will work to keep you ahead of trends and improve your profitability.