JXT Wholesale Keychain Pill Holder Case for Pure Titanium Capsule Waterproof Travel Pill Box for Outdoor Camping

Item No.: JXT-CA1010
Material:titanium alloy(TC4)
Surface:Stone wash/sandblast
* Waterproof and Moisture: The pocket pill case has rubber O-ring gasket between the case and screw top lid which makes it airtight and waterproof, to keep pills dry.

* Portable Keychain Design: This pill keychain is Equipped with a quick release keychain at the top. We can attach it to the key ring,handbag, belt, backpack easily when we go out. This is great for traveling,camping.

* Medical grade titanium: It is low-corrosion,non-allergenic,safe and healthy. Has high quality coating ,non-fade and non-rust, Don't worry about contaminating the pills with the paint came off like stainless steel.

* Multi-function: The small pill container perfect to store our emergency money. As well as store your notes, earplugs,toothpicks, matches, stud earrings or even as a mini ashes holder for our love pet's ashes.