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G31A JiaXin Titanium Alloy 700C*45C Fully Internal Cable Gravel Road Frame | Gravel Road Model With Riding Comfort

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Update time : 2023-10-27 12:05:10
Gravel road bikes are the fastest growing category today because they have so many possibilities. If they prefer roads, they pursue speed and light weight, while if they prefer mountains, they emphasize comfort and Passability. Not long ago,JiaXin released a new gravel road bike, the G31A, which re-adjusts the geometric parameters of the road bike to provide a more comfortable new model.
The G31A retains all the features that have made it the most popular versatile bike, such as allowing the use of 700C or 650B wheels and drivetrain compatibility, providing a wide range of gear ratios for mountain climbing and traversing gravel roads, cloth Provides optimal chain security on rocky descents. The hidden disc brake seat provides more space for the bicycle pannier bag.
Full Internal Wiring Design
The TICR internal cable routing system is used, which completely hides the cable and oil pipes inside the integrated handlebar and frame. Not only does this give the bike a very clean look, but it also provides an aerodynamic advantage. High-end road groups may now all have wireless electronic links between the derailleur and derailleur, as well as wired electronic shifting and mechanical shifting.
Shock absorbing ability
For melon cars, comfort is one of the most important features. When it comes to gravel roads, or even off-road dirt roads and stone roads, the G31A's superior performance can easily handle it and pass it at high speeds. Tire capacity has been increased to 45mm, and in addition to adding to the frame’s cushioning, the extra endurance-focused tire clearance gives it more room for comfort from wider tires – even on cobbled or light terrain. It can be easily ridden on cross-country trips.

Geometry optimized for gravel road bikes
If you're looking for a faster enduro bike, the G31A series of bikes feature geometry optimized for gravel bikes and are available in three size options. The slower head tube angle, larger stack height and shorter reach significantly improve the control and stability on rough roads. Preferring to have looser geometry, greater tire clearance and built-in storage, it's a great choice for riders who value the fastest ride and comfort. The titanium frame absorbs the small vibrations of the road very well. You can still get better comfort.
Performance Testing
The one we tested was size 530, equipped with a 42cm wide handlebar, and the riding feeling was very stable. The G31A's strength lies in its off-road climbing ability. It is faster than a mountain bike. It has the riding feeling of a road bike on the trail, and its power transmission is very direct. Thanks to the superior properties of the material, it can absorb vibrations and impacts from the ground to increase long-term comfort. This is a key design feature of the range, which focuses the range on endurance, allowing riders to ride over long distances without having to push their bodies to the absolute limit.

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Standard version titanium alloy brushed surface
SPEEDLONG G31A titanium disc brake gravel road frame Frame parameters
VersionDisc brake version (Flat Mount, compatible with 140 or 160mm discs front and rear)
Front forkSPEEDLONG JiaXin disc brake special carbon fiber front fork
Bottom bracket:T47bottom bracket
Front fork opening12×100mm
Rear fork opening12×142mm
SizesS,M, L, XL
Surface treatmentbrushed, sandblasted (other colors can be customized at an additional price)
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