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How we make a difficult project realized ?

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Author : Rony
Update time : 2023-02-21 11:25:44
· Lorem We are confident to say your customized product ideas could be realized no matter how difficult it is .
Heres a client who would like to make a customized titanium pry bar . it took 3 months from the very beginning to the sample shipping . and now · · We have cooperated for bulk order . I believe there will be many goods to cooperate in future .
· When he comes here . he said the previous factory made a very bad prototype to him . and the sample time lasts almost half year (6 months) . many details of the sample is not right . it wastes the time , money and energy . Worst of all , the factory has charged him the deposit for bulk order but don’t want to produce goods for him any more . when I hear this . I even feel very worried and anxious for him .

· When we get the drawing , we discussed with our engineer immediately and get the feedback that the drawing is not completed and detailed . its not enough for us to make a correct sample .
· You know .an accurate drawing is very important . we asked client to get the correct drawing from his previous supplier to save the time . before a tool is ready to be produced , there will be a precise drawing for guide .  no , there is no drawing from him . his answers shocked me .  how the factory could make sample directly without drawing ? this is strange . and it also makes me clear the reason why the previous factory cant make a right sample .
· Then we discussed with client that we could make the drawing for him then make the sample . since the drawing will take charge in advance . thank god . he trusts me and pay the drawing and sample fee after detailed discussion .

· Our designer is an energetic young man and love to challenge difficulties . even this tool is very complicated and the details is not very clear . he modify again and again for each part after I confirm with clients . in order to draw the knife holder to fit a specific blade . we buy the knife blade by ourselves and confirm the details. with the cooperation with clients and designer as well as engineer . we finally made a right and detailed drawing . this took a half time for whole sampling .
· For sample production , it will be much easier than making the drawing . so the sample could be done fluently . when the sample is at my hand , I really like it . after sending picture and videos to my clients . he is also excited and said it
s much much better than the previous one . this is what I want . to make a tool that clients really need not just for his money .
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